At CompuTest, our primary goal is to provide students with a reliable and easy-to-use program for the typing of exams while providing schools with a secure, easy-to-administer, and economical computer-based testing system.

To achieve this goal, we chose to design a system that emphasizes stability, simplicity, and security. For instance, EBB provides students with all of the basic features needed to type an exam but not all of the features of a word-processing program. This greater simplicity reduces the number of user-based problems that can arise, increases the reliability of the program by reducing memory load requirements, and causes fewer headaches for schools in the administration of exams.

In addition, we have worked closely with our clients to build a computer-based testing system that includes the functions that are most important to schools from both a technological and administrative perspective. We consider our clients partners, and we welcome your suggestions for improving EBB.

Electronic Bluebook offers a variety of features and options to meet your computer-based testing needs, and we will be happy customize a version of EBB to your school’s specifications. Your version of EBB can contain any or all of the features described below, and we will even develop new features to meet your needs.

We also offer a version of EBB for visually-impaired students that can be configured to operate in conjunction with most screen-reading software. Please contact us if you are interested in this accommodation for any of your students.